Experimental Study on Wastewater Application for Cement Mixing in Concrete

Document Type : Original Research


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Maragheh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Maragheh, Iran

2 Department of Civil Engineering, Power and Water University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Civil Engineering, Maragheh University of Technology, Maragheh, Iran



Water content is a very important part of concrete which has an important impact on strength of the concrete. The water condition in concrete is mostly located in drinking level which by shortcoming on the waters is required to reconsider the usage water in concrete. The presented study attempted to provide the experimental study on wastewater application for cement mixing in high-strength concrete. In this regard, the experimental assessment was conducted on 2 types of concrete mix named Mix 1 and Mix 2 (for 7 and 28 days) which is indicated of drinking water, and treated wastewater-based concrete. The main evaluation index is UCS which is performed on 10 samples. According to the results of the study, using treated wastewater provides the 12 to 18 MPa strength regarding UCS which is near to the freshwater (14 to 20 MPa). So, the application of treated wastewater can be considered as an alternative for fresh water in concrete.