Numerical finite element modeling of creep behavior in clayey soil specimen under axial loading

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Civil Engineering, Maragheh University of Technology, Maragheh, Iran



Study on clayey soil behavior under loading condition can help to understand the time-dependent creep phenomenon. The numerical and experimental procedures used by different scholars. The presented study used the numerical models to assessment of the clayey soil behavior regarding the creep. To this end, finite element method by Plaxis program was used for estimate the deformation and displacements analysis of clayey soils under creep event. According to the results, it has indicated the stress-strain-time behavior of unconsolidated soils under one-dimensional consolidation which it can be seen that the stress-strain applied during different time stages has different effects on the amount of creep. But the general nature of creepiness in unconfined soils is the same and one-way. This factor indicates the amount of all-out forces and residual stresses to improve the creep occurrence conditions. By plotting the axial stress-strain curve against the time logarithm, it can be stated that axial strains are the main cause of creep rupture in unreinforced soils.