Application of micro-pile for excavated trench dynamic stabilization by using three-dimensional finite element numerical method

Document Type : Original Research


Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Arak University, Arak, Iran



Soil improvement can be expressed as one of the most important applied achievements of geotechnical engineering to improve the resistance conditions and properties of soil mechanics in a wide range of soil materials. The purpose of the improvements is to achieve proper resistance of soils (especially loose soils) to failure, which can cause serious damage and costs to construction projects. The micro-pile is one of most effective stabilization methods, which is used in the materials’ limitations and it is more economical than other techniques. The present study is based on investigation on the micro-piles’ performance to the improvement of sandy soil’s slope under dynamic earthquake loading. Methodologically, the finite element numerical method and Plaxis3D software have been used to implement the loading conditions and evaluate the deformations that have occurred in loose body of slope. The modeling process can be divided into two modeling groups, including slope with and without reinforced by micro-piles which is indicate the improvement process based on deformation reduction by stabilization technique. According to the results of the numerical simulation, it has been found that the use of micro-piles can be very effective on slope stability of the excavated trench in loose soil.